Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Smart Factory: Scope

Our MES Scope has 6 modules. They include: HPS – Product Scheduling Platform, HSD – Device Integration, HME – Manufacturing Execution, I/F – SAP/Oracle ERP, HWM – Logistics and HCS – Supply Chain.


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HPS – Product Scheduling Platform

Our product scheduling platform have 4 areas. They are Constraint Planning, Centralised Platform, Flexible Planning Rule and Friendly Visualise Platform.

Constraint Planning –  Multiples Factories Plan, Support Multiple Model, Product Line Constraint, Shift/Calendar Constraint, Mold Constraint, Up & Down Product Line Constraint, Material Constraint and Switch TIme.

Centralise Planning Platform – Multiple Window, Quick Track/Trace, Quick Summarise and Drag-Draw to adjust the plan.

Flexible Planning Rule – Z Type, N Type and N+Z Type.

Friendly Visualise Platform – Order Fulfillment Color, Product Type Color, MO Status Color and Color Configuration.


HSD – Devices Integration


HME – Real Time Factory Production Monitor

The 3 main areas for real time monitor are Status Monitor, Reliable Data and Quality Control.

Status Monitor – Job Assignment, Work Instruction,  Process Management and Job Status Dashboard.

Reliable Data – Item Status, Staff Status, Device Status and Abnormal Status.

Quality Control – Error Prevention, SPC Warning, Product Records and Product Tracking.

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