YAN Cloud

YAN Cloud is a digital enterprise service management SaaS platform. It helps the service team solve problems quickly and promotes the quality services through the IT service management, enterprise service management, intelligent services and the YAN Cloud platform. As a basic platform for digital service workflow, YAN Cloud helps companies optimize service processes and increase productivity, improve employee overall experience and productivity, quick respond to needs and promote business innovation.

YAN Cloud is designed to solve the difficulties that exist in service operation such as :

  • Repetitive employee’s problem
  • Not sure whom to look for
  • Always no response
  • Lack of communication between employee and IT department
  • Unclear of the problem resolution
  • Delayed process due to not real time handling.
Service Team
  • More than 80% of the problems are repeating
  • Busy on ad hoc tasks
  • Unable to prioritize the job
  • KPI is not clearly defined on the performance
  • Hard to gain recognition from revenue center
  • Low moral and low satisfaction
Management team
  • No real time information on the service quality
  • Only know the problem when customer complains
  • No quantitative on the performance measurement
  • Not justifiable on expected return and input
  • Unable to identify the root cause
  • Challenging on IT service management from organizational scale up  

Our Capability

By applying the best practice of ITIL, YAN Cloud helps enterprise and users to lower the communication cost, provides the safe, easy, stable and efficient solution.

Ticket Management

  • Minimize interruption
  • Reduce breakdown frequency based on root cause analysis
  • Generate knowledge from past

Incident Management

  • Faster recovery service
  • Transparent trace & track on problem solving
  • Improve service experience

Change Management

  • Enhance controlling power
  • Reduce risk from change
  • High approval flexibility

Service Request Management

  • Publish request at anytime, anywhere
  • Cleared service execution flow
  • Cross department collaboration

SLA Management

  • Flexible user-define
  • SLA pre alert
  • Covering different set of SLA scenarios

Application modules

IT Service Management

  • Ticket
  • Incident
  • Change and Service request

Intelligent robot

Call centre

Enterprise Service Management (Work Order and Service Request)

  • Administration service,
  • HR service
  • Legal service
  • Online customer service
  • After-sales service

Customer Voice

YAN Cloud had replaced our traditional service model. The service process is more concise, the communication supports the mobile terminal and more convenient to use. At the same time, it seamlessly integrates with the OA system, the personnel information changes more efficiently, and the intelligent customer service provides us with 24 hours service to answer staff questions at any time.

Mr Wan

HR Manager of a Global Chemical Industry Company

YAN Cloud is a great IT service management platform, Hand team had implemented in more than 6000 of our chain shops worldwide, it greatly improved our customer service level by increasing problem resolution rate by 20%, releasing 15% of human resources and reducing incidence by 15%.

Global Retailer Chain Shop

YAN Cloud replaced the original ITSM tools, provides a unified service portal for all S company (China) users, and provides employees with convenient IT services.


Establish a more efficient and flexible work order management platform to follow up and process IT service work orders, and automatically dispatch orders according to the services selected by employees.


Establish a safe and rigorous CMDB library, which is strictly linked to employee service applications and expense items and helps IT to perform cost accounting.


Establish an employee satisfaction survey system, conduct statistics and supervision of service quality on satisfaction feedback, and improve user satisfaction.

Global Engineering & Technological Company

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