Customer Help Desk ITSM Tools (YAN Cloud) : Overview

YAN Cloud is an intelligent cloud platform provided by HAND Global Solutions to help businesses streamline and manage key businesses processes and operations. The platform’s key features include business process management and IT service management (ITSM) which can be applied to several modules and functionalities.

One of the key modules of YAN Cloud is its customer ticket management software which helps to automatically organise and respond to customer enquiries. Managing customer help desk case tickets with a ticketing system is crucial to helping any business effectively monitor, identify, troubleshoot, and correct quality issues in order to improve their final products and improve customer satisfaction.

By using YAN Cloud’s IT Service Management (ITSM) ticketing tools, businesses can achieve higher response and resolve compliance rates in their after-sale service management.

Benefits of ITSM Ticketing Solutions

More companies are moving towards digitalisation and automation in order to better manage critical business processes.

YAN Cloud customer ticket management software can be quickly implemented to achieve native integration with your wider IT network, while leveraging on flexible automated functions to lower manpower and resource costs for critical after-sale service management. YAN Cloud’s Operation Center can draw on your Knowledge Base using ITSM ticketing tools in order to run flexible two-way Issue Solving and Complaints Analysis functions, relying on a more simplified process to answer pressing customer help desk case tickets.

This closed loop solution takes in information from other operations and automations within the ticketing system platform, conveying the information needed to their respective analysts and quality representatives on the back-end so that they can in turn give your customers the most accurate answers to their queries.

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Adopting ITSM ticketing tools to your ticketing system can resolve common help desk case ticket management issues including lack of real-time product information, delayed response times, or repetitive problems that can take up your employees’ time and resources.

YAN Cloud’s customer ticketing software can benefit your business across numerous use-cases and scenarios, and has an internet-based and mobile-compliant interface that is user-friendly for your customers’ convenience. Reach out to us for more information on our business IT solutions or fill out the enquiry form below.

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