IT Service Management (ITSM) Solutions (YAN Cloud) : Overview

The YAN Cloud is an intelligent cloud platform provided by HAND Global Solutions. It is integrated with several application modules, one of which is IT Service Management (ITSM). These ITSM solutions will help with ticket management, incident management, change and service request management, and business process management ensuring that quality IT services are delivered regardless of their complexity.

Why Do Companies Need ITSM Solutions?

In the digital era, companies have become increasingly dependent on IT functions to deliver business-critical services. However, as these IT functions become more embedded into daily business operations and modern IT services become more complex, adopting IT Service Management best practice is necessary. Providing unique functionality to support modern IT services, ITSM solutions and tools will deliver business value.

Leveraging on YAN Cloud’s ITSM software can help business optimise service processes, boost productivity, ensure quick response to customer needs, and promote business agility. This is possible through the centralised digital enterprise service management SaaS platform that features everything from a ticket assignment engine to online customer service capabilities.

Benefits of an ITSM Software

Improve Efficiency

IT Service Management boasts several components that will help companies maximise their resources. For example, the Service Portal component of YAN Cloud’s ITSM software will help set the foundations for building a robust self-service catalogue. Alongside a Knowledge Base, tech-savvy users can quickly resolve incidents or fulfill service requests on their own. This increase in self-service productivity will not only improve customer satisfaction but also allow staff to focus on other vital operations.

Improve Visibility

Since ITSM is all about aligning IT processes and services with business goals, it introduces a set of formalised rules that standardises IT service delivery. Through this consistency of service delivery, there will be increased insights into vital data and analytics. The Workbench and Task components of YAN Cloud’s ITSM software also record backlogs and announcements, offering full transparency on progress, time-consuming tasks, and inefficient workflows.

Improve Communication Channels

Communication between team members, management and customers will be improved when ITSM is adopted. Besides the enhanced visibility and increased transparency, a Report and Personal Centre act as a single point of contact between employees and the IT department. The uniform procedures will also ensure that every user will receive the necessary IT support from the appropriate channels.

What Difficulties Can ITSM Solutions Solve?

Repetitive Problems

More than 80% of the problems are repetitive for service teams. These highly repetitive manual operations, which are also labor-intensive and time-consuming, will be rectified with ITSM.

No Real Time Information on the Service Quality

With cross-system communication and coordination, practical operations will be improved.

Only Aware of Problems When A Customer Complain

With 24/7 availability on call centres, AI services, and the like, there will be minimal disruptions in customers getting their queries addressed. And should a ticket be submitted, the incident management process helps quicken the recovery process, further enhancing the customer experience.

For More Information, Talk To Our Expert

Capable of improving operational efficiency, staff productivity, reducing risks, and boosting customer satisfaction, IT Service Management helps transform companies from functional to exceptional. Help your service team solve problems quickly and promote quality services with Hand Global Solutions. Get in touch with us for more information on our IT enterprise solutions or complete the enquiry form below and we will get back to you the next business day.

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