Using NetSuite to Address Business-Critical Manufacturing Issues

In the manufacturing business, coordination and efficiency is everything. Every department and process has to work in synchronicity, and operational hiccups can be as common as they are costly. Oversight in any regard becomes an organisational wide issue that triggers a domino effect, hampering smooth day to day operations. With NetSuite, a robust cloud-based business management solution, managing these critical operations becomes a simple task. 

With help from industry-leading partners such as Hand Global Solutions, businesses can leverage on cloud manufacturing platforms and software through NetSuite ERP implementation services to establish multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM), assist lean manufacturing, manage inventory, and even optimise organisation benefits via automation and industry-specific highlights. Advanced capabilities of NetSuite for the manufacturing industry even provides users with the capability to optimise shop floor control and production engineering.

1. Manage Multi-level Assemblies More Efficiently

A core functionality of cloud manufacturing platforms entails managing component qualities and multi-level assemblies at a glance. NetSuite condenses vital information and provides enterprise level insight on concurrent operations, providing users with the benefit of reinforcing their inventory and warehouse management strengths. Tying the assembly process with work orders autonomously, cloud manufacturing software such as NetSuite optimises the work flow of day to day operations.

However, when it comes to the implementation of ERP services like NetSuite, companies must be aware of the common pitfalls involved. Poor execution might do more harm than good, and when in doubt it is always best to approach trusted NetSuite implementation partners.

2. Enhance Production Engineering

Another aspect of smooth and efficient operations involves concise communition. With regards to Production Engineering, cloud-based ERP solutions help ensure that all modifications and alterations made in the manufacturing processes are communicated diligently and effectively. Any changes that occur during the engineering process, whether big or small, must be reflected in the schematics, inventories, and downstream deliverables.

The value of this is truly reflected in the analogy of a well-oiled machine – individual mistakes in any area result in bottlenecks and operational halts in others. Production Engineering bears the load of being a core pillar in many manufacturing enterprises, a crucial cog that cannot afford to malfunction.

3. Boost Shop Floor & Inventory Control

When examined closely, experts found that the two key components to a manufacturer’s success lies in production costs and inventory control. Researchers found that poor management of these two factors led to increased costs of finished products, which inevitably result in the organisation’s profits taking a hit. Given that there are a wide variety of goods, from electronics to FMCGs – inventory control processes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is in this regard that the manufacturing execution system software provided by vendors plays a critical role.

Utilising manufacturing ERP solutions like NetSuite grants a 360-degree view into the entirety of your business, in addition to providing the visibility required to closely monitor relevant operations. By leveraging this transparency, organisations benefit from increased agency over manufacturing operations and management, better optimising the lifecycle of work orders and routing.

4. Ensure Accurate Cost Allocation

NetSuite and similar cloud manufacturing platforms also facilitate businesses prioritising cost-effective outcomes. By ensuring accurate allocation of production costs for each good manufactured, while simultaneously providing single total cost unit amidst other elements, manufacturers can implement standard cost methods or average cost methods to maximise cost-effectiveness. Real-time visibility from sales rendered in real time equip management with the vital information necessary to make sound analytical decisions and help steer efficiency within the entire organisation.

Utilise Hand Global Solutions’ NetSuite Consulting Services To Grow Your Business

A unified business management suite, NetSuite manages all key business operations in a single use system and is an ideal B2B e-commerce solution. Utilising seven integrated modules to streamline and simplify business processes, NetSuite is scalable as it is functional. 

Getting started is simple with trusted NetSuite implementation partners such as HAND Global Solutions. With 20 years of experience, and more than 20000 successfully implementations – HAND Global Solutions is the leading Enterprise IT Solutions Service, dedicated to help you transform your business with integrated, one-stop digital solutions.

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