Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) : Overview


iSRM is a digital procurement management solution and platform provides by HAND.

The digital procurement management platform is a cloud-based platform that covers the direct and indirect material purchases, and provides one-stop solution to the entire procurement process management ; supplier management, procurement applications, sourcing and pricing, contracts, order execution, reconciliation, invoicing, payment, etc. It can help customers improve procurement efficiency, reduce procurement costs.

One-Stop Procurement Platform

Indirect Purchasing

Irregular Low Value assets & Office Supplies

  • Diverse requirements
  • Demand dispersion
  • Strong uncertainty
  • Do not want to find a single source for low value

R&D Material/MRO

Small Quantities of Reagents, Consumables, Special Equipment

  • R&D/Manufacturing consumables materials
  • Frequently requested certain batches/specifications/models
  • Special items from a few or single suppliers
  • Demand consumption cannot be estimated
  • Large number, small amount

Direct Purchasing

Large Quantity, Long Lead Time Material

  • 70% of purchase amount
  • Balance price, quantity and supply with strategic agreements
  • Supplier qualification and lot of strict control on goods
  • Focus on supply quantity and timelines
  • Reconciliation

Integrated Solution for Purchasing


Cover indirect & direct procurement


Comprehensive business data, in-depth insight


Technically integrated business, accelerate digital transformation


  • Supplier life-cycle management
  • Supplier evaluation
  • PR management
  • Sourcing management
  • RFx/e-biding
  • Cost management
  • Contract management


  • Demand forecast
  • Purchasing plan
  • Order/JIT collaboration
  • Delivery coordination
  • Financial synergy
  • Research & development
  • Quality survey


  • Catalog management
  • Commodity management
  • Protocol configuration
  • Shopping cart
  • Price assistant
  • Auto reconciliation

Business Intelligence

  • Basic business statistics
  • Trend analysis
  • Purchasing performance
  • Supplier performance
  • Management analysis

Cloud Apps Store

  • Risk radar
  • Panoramic source
  • NPL recognition
  • Electronic signature
  • Electronic invoice
  • OCR recognition
  • Supply chain finance

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