HAND iSRM Product Values

  • Reduce Costs

    Diversified source of supply to lower cost and improve quality

  • Increase Efficiency

    Efficient purchase execution and process

  • Optimized Procurement Operations

    High transparency, rules-based management

  • Eco-system

    Share resources and build eco-system

  • Price negotiation advantage, quality assurance, direct procurement costs are reduced
  • Efficient collaboration to reduce inventory reserves and save costs
  • Reduce capital financing costs through financial services
  • Improve the efficiency of the procurement process, improve the efficiency of procurement personal
  • Procurement specialization, full-time personnel responsible for specific categories of procurement
  • Support a variety of procurement models, more customers to find multiple ways
  • Optimize category, supplier management
  • The business performs transparently and ethically to improve internal controls and compliance
  • To collect management expenditure data, statistical analysis
  • Common e-commerce platform directly share, easy to find business to find goods
  • Platform partners at the touch of a hand, value-added services with 0 distance
  • Become a platform vendor and make purchasing easier

HAND iSRM Product Features

Smart source - Covering all pricing practices of the enterprise, compliance transparency, reducing overall procurement costs

Multi sourcing strategies to meet multi-scenario applications
  • Multi-scenario to meet different procurement scenarios, adopt different sourcing strategies, to achieve online control of procurement
  • Bidding support open, invitation, agent and other different bidding methods, suitable for high value, complex technical parameters, need to consider the total cost of procurement
  • Fast match RFQ with cost-effective suppliers, suitable for low amounts, price as the main criteria for the procurement
  • Bidding suppliers compete to each other, counter-offer history is clear and verifiable, suitable for high degree of standardization, custom parts, plenty of supplier resources procurement
  • Bid hall real-time ranking supplier’s tenders, support for modifying quotations, suitable for auction and other forms
Intelligent price control to reduce total cost ownership (TCO)
  • Automatic RFQ – supports automatic issuance of RFQs, supplier-owned quotations, automatic approval of prices, and reduced tedious transactions
  • Price library – price movements are clearly visible, providing historical price reference for purchasers and facilitating price decision-making
  • Negotiation tools – enhance negotiation capabilities and reduce purchase prices through bidding, cost details, price banks, etc
Massive supplier consolidation to expand sourcing space
  • Collaborate orders can be directed to a designated partner supplier or made public within a partner vendor
  • The holistic platform supports open sourcing vendor invitations throughout the platform
  • Smart match according to the material category, to provide customers with potential source make the intelligent recommendations
Electronic procurement contract management, efficient and convenient
  • Intelligent recognition text recognition as structured data, template library labels automatically recognized, automatically replaced
  • Risk Alert for Online Editing, marking changes, High Risk Alert based on Historical Risk Terms
  • Online sign buyer supplier online contract confirmation, online electronic seal

Agile collaboration - Deep collaboration between purchasing enterprises and supply chain partners to improve efficiency

Forecast and plan to work together to identify supply demand
  • Information exchange and sharing of demand information, capacity, and delivery information for both sides to improve the overall accuracy of forecasting
  • On-demand delivery is based on the delivery plan to pull suppliers on-demand distribution, so that every incoming material is punctual, accurate, controllable, reduce the overall inventory level, improve supply chain efficiency
Order collaboration, flexible configuration
  • Purchase application automation built-in data value relationship, just click a few steps of the entire purchase request can be entered
  • One-click transfer orders automatically create orders based on rules such as purchase requests, sourcing results, and so on, reducing manual operations
  • Order center in real time accurate delivery, progress, quality requirements, technical requirements and other relevant information
  • Share management supports the execution of purchase agreements and the rapid placing of orders in proportion to quotas
Logistics receiving coordination, quick response
  • Integrate logistics data to achieve logistics information collaboration between enterprises and suppliers, establish a demand-driven, agile and efficient logistics distribution system, visualize the status of logistics nodes, and track progress in real time
  • Complex receiving scenarios support configuration to realize various receiving modes, reasonably control the receiving process, and cope with complex receiving scenarios
  • Barcoded delivery notes can automatically generate barcodes to facilitate purchasers to scan the code and put them in the warehouse
Quality collaboration - The whole process of closed-loop traceability
  • 8D supports the claims management of non-conforming products in all aspects, and the supplier promptly feedbacks the cause of the problem and submits temporary and permanent resolution measures
  • Each claim is traced back to the original order and the entire process is clear and searchable
Financial settlement collaboration, one-click automatic processing
  • The settlement centre builds a unified settlement platform to support multiple data sources, multiple collaborative methods, and diversified settlement models
  • Electronic invoice – online invoice approval, automatic creation of electronic invoices, one-click import ERP, saving invoice prefabricated work
  •  OCR combined with OCR image identification, invoice verification, direct invoicing, to achieve electronic invoice management

Non productional materials category mall - Delegate to the operation unit and release procurement productivity

Large e-commerce docking
  • Integrate premium E-commerce merchants, enjoy the whole category of procurement
Support cross-platform commodity prices comparison
  • High efficient search results more efficiently and accurately
  • Cost effectiveness comparison based on the same quality compare the price of goods cross-platform with same quality
  • Smart recommendations recommend the best products according to the buyer’s behavior and target products
  • Purchases through image recognition automatically identify the items you need to purchase by taking a picture or uploading an image into system
Support e-commerce procurement multi-scenario

Through the “microservices and rules engine”, the “building blocks” configuration is realized, quickly combining the procurement management platform required by the enterprise, supporting:

  • Corporate welfare Mall scene
  • Enterprise idle stock trading platform
  • The one-in-one scene of purchase and sale
  • The purchasing capability output scenario
  • Store chain transactions
Catalogue purchases

Information is exchangeable

Buyers purchase all kinds of goods from their own suppliers in the mall, as well as the coordination of orders, settlement, after-sales, etc

  • Independent control of commodity pricing power, flexible pricing methods, more convenient on the shelves of goods
  • Associated price library generates goods, suppliers, materials, price unified linkage management
  • To meet the more complex internal purchase rights control, different buying rights is corresponding to different commodity prices

Data center - facilitate purchasing decisions. Visualize your data and effectively, control procurement operations

Full process data monitoring
  • Standardize the requirements-to-settlement procurement process, pool the entire process data, the whole process can be recorded, to ensure that the data complete and accurate
Multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Human resource data dispersion, real-time, accuracy, collection ability cannot be talked about, only intuitive and empirical decision-making
Forecasting and strategic control
  • Presents the full scene data view of purchasing to managers and assists the scientific decision-making of enterprises. Provide buyers with purchasing decision-making basis Analysis system expansion, interconnection

System Extension

Multi-brand ERP docking
  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Kingdee
  • Yongyou
Business system integration
  • Provide basic data, suppliers, contracts, orders, issues, receipts, reconciliations, invoices, etc. two-way docking solution. The original decentralized data transmission integration, on-demand distribution, effectively eliminate enterprise information silos
Multi-system single sign-on
  • Through system login portal from cloud SRM procurement management platform directly enter other information systems, no longer need to enter username / password multiple times to various information systems, provide convenience user experience. At the same time for enterprises to establish a unified platform for collaborative work.
Third-party platform access
  • Continuously integrate and update procurement toolkit, out of the box

Innovation is unbounded and traditional procurement breakthrough

Data application

Indicator system

  • Clearly present supplier and buyer performance, price fluctuations, supply life cycle lead time, and data analyse the supplier’s persona

Supplier persona

  • The scattered and complicated supplier data will be transformed into labelled persona, upgrade supplier’s management, improve price comparison assistance

Price assistant

  • Accurately match search results to meet search price requirements
Smart applications

Photo recognition OCR

  • Accurately identify photos, items, and continuously enrich the content information returned by the interface, reducing manual input

Similarity contrast

  • Effectively recommend items, expandable range of choice, easy to purchase on merit

Receipt image recognition  OCR

  • Support full field content detection and identification on invoice, free up manpower, automatic import of ticket information, effective anti-counterfeiting
Communication applications

online Communication

  • Integrate IM tools online, communicate anytime, anywhere, to improve collaboration efficiency in RFQ, order collaborations, and more

Supplier in WeChat collaboration

  • Documents in the system can be easily converted into WeChat mini-programs or official account. Easy handling by suppliers

Supplier customer service

  • Integrated customer service seating tools to support real-time presales and after sales communication

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