Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) is holistic procurement digitalization

Integrated intelligent digital solutions for corporate procurement and transactions which includes supplier management,sourcing and collaboration.

What is Supplier Management?

  • Maintaining suppliers info.
  • SCORECARD system to evaluate existing suppliers.
  • Build dynamic correlation between supplier management and procurement process.

What is Sourcing?

  • Provides viewing features of the most competitive price online.
  • Provides a digitalized and visualized procurement spending process.
  • Able to apply various of tools to reduce the total procurement cost.

What is Collaboration Center?

  • Establish the most efficient collaboration channels.
  • Implement standardized and automated process to improve supplying efficiency.
  • 600+ Companies

    HSRM has successfully served 600+ companies in global

  • S$ 40 Million+

    In 2019, contract value of HRSM has exceeded 40+ million SGD

  • 600+ SME

    600+ SME turn into enterprise


    SRM manages more than S$ 200 billion purchasing transactions every year

  • 200,000+ SUPPLIERS

    More than 200,000 suppliers are using HSRM

Benefits of HAND Supplier Relationship Management (HSRM)

Compliance - Standard procurement process, visualisable procurement process & clear procurement approval flow.

Process Standardization

  • Via SRM system, we can standardize the process from purchase application to payment in accordance with the dimensions of the category.

Process Visualization

  • Via SRM, we can achieve automated recording of purchasing process to perform visualization and always easy traceable when there is abnormal transaction happened.

Approval Flow

  • Via SRM, we can establish a compliance supervision organization to well balanced the procurement authorities. Allocating manpower properly to consolidate the authorities of procurement roles.
Cost Reduction - Cost reduction does not mean to price reduction but it is a reduction in total cost of ownership.

Centralized Procurement

  • Take advantage of economies of scale to reduce purchase prices.

Demand Management

  • Reduce the extra cost that caused by unreasonable or unclear demand.

Negotiation Tools

  • Using tools such as bidding, cost details and price library to improve the negotiation capability and reduce the purchasing price.

Procurement Catalog

  • Simplify the procurement process and reduce it’s operation cost.

Supplier Management

  • Improve the quality of suppliers and their delivery process to reduce unnecessary cost.
Efficiency - boost up the procurement processing speed.

Boost up order confirmation efficiency by 60%

  • Reconciled with suppliers’ SKU, unify SKU code to reduce redundancy.
  • More SKU info setting included images for faster & better identification process.

Boost up order processing efficiency by 80%

  • Combine ordering application with order placement in one and showing preset prices.
  • Auto invoice reconciliation .
Suppliers - Establish a full life cycle management of suppliers.


  • Suppliers register online and submit materials for reviewing.


  • Invite interested suppliers to cooperate with and collect related info & documents.
  • Support material certification for suppliers.


  • Supplier classification based on SI & RA.
  • Performance evaluation and grading for suppliers based on system data and scoring.


  • Apply supplier development strategy in system to increase their quality.
Risk - Ensure the business continuity of the enterprise.

Permit Risk Management

  • Risk scan
  • CSR review
  • Info security review
  • BCP review
  • Materials conflict review

Cooperative Risk Management

  • Risk monitoring
  • Supplier relationship map
  • Risk identification
  • Risk questionnaire
  • Risk management strategy

Our Capability

Key Features

Visualize every control point in the procurement process with SRM to achieve the real control of all process points in the business field.

  • Sourcing

    Commodity & price center

  • Demands

    Demand forecast, category mall, catalog application, packaging application

  • Transaction

    Contract management, framework, commodity & service order, order coordination

  • Performance

    Scheduling & logistics collaboration, delivery coordination, receiving & inventory management

  • Settlement

    Budget & rebate management, reconciliation, invoice & payment coordination

Module 1 : Supplier Management

The increase in the scale of the enterprise supply chain brings more complexity in supplier management, and corporate procurement may not be able to have the holistic supplier information, including master data, performance, and risk profiles.

HSRM achieved centralized supplier management, standardized qualifying process, phase-in, qualifying, development, phase-out in the entire supplier life cycle management. It can establish supplier assessment module to dynamically monitor suppliers’ risk based on different industrial categories, therefore it can automatically analyse supplier performance and make it easy for enterprises to build a premium supplier management system.

Module 2 : Procurement Sourcing / Sourcing to Contract

Procurement sourcing module covers all pricing behavior of enterprises, it allows user to have flexible choice of RFI(request for information), RFQ(request for quotation), bidding, tender and other sourcing activities according to different procurement scenarios, the corporate procurement cost can be reduced by using the strategic combination of negotiation tools, price history library, automatic inquiry, and etc., so as to have a strategy to reduce procurement costs, in addition, the cloud technology source section contains a large supplier pool, which you can directly

Module 3 : Procurement Collaboration / Procure to Pay & MRO Digital Catalog

Procurement collaboration module provide seamless cooperation, coordination and collaboration between shipper and supply chain partners in the value chain. All parties can share the demand/supply information, capacity, and delivery information through procurement coordination module, hence improve the overall forecast accuracy, standardize the delivery process, reduce inventory backlog, automatically generate reconciliation report, and greatly improve procurement efficiency.

The procurement mall module integrates numbers of external major procurement platforms. It can perform cross-platform intelligent price comparison based on the procurement of goods homogeneity, functional modules are highly configurable for different combination like “building blocks”, which is suitable for e-commerce procurement in multi-scenarios as well as suitable for integrating enterprise-owned suppliers on a single platform to complete the whole procurement.

Our Solution (Voice from Customers)

Thank to HAND SRM solution, procurement can fully embrace the digital transformation with comprehensive expenditure management and intelligent operational measures across the organization that leads to greater profitability.

Mr. Kent

General Manger of the Casual Wear, Manufacturer &  Retailer

Automotive – Company H

  • Purchase order can be either placed online and allocated automatically without human intervention
  • Purchasing managers are relieved by shortened the allocation time by 100%.
  • HAND SRM allowed transparency information among requesting department and purchasing department, therefore save the time and effort of the requesting department from expediting the procurement progress.
  • Seamless integrated with Oracle EBS, the results of RFI and RFQ could be imported into SRM to generate a series of BPA purchase agreements, while generate a list of approved suppliers ASL.

High Tech. – Company W

  • The full life cycle of suppliers is visualized, reducing management time by nearly 20% and saving 10% of supplier introduction time.
  • Co-automation between buyers and suppliers, saving 20% in sourcing management time and 10% in co-operation time.
  • 64% of the order confirmation reached supplier within  24-hour the overall turn over time improved by 52%, feedback of delivery orders within 24 hours reached 33%, and the overall RFx speed increase was about 40%.
  • When integrated with Business Process Management (BPM), it can push the process of supplier certification, bidding result approval and contract approval to BPM approval, and send the approval result back to HAND SRM.

Chemical – Company Z

  • The overall procurement efficiency increased by 44.6%.
  • The total procurement cost was reduced by S$ 1.725 million.
  • 6 months after Go-live, the supplier management cost was reduced by S$ 178,000. 1 year after Go-Live, the production and procurement costs were reduced by 4.39%. 1 year after Go-Live, the non-productive activities in procurement was greatly reduced.
  • Transfer the supplier permit, assessment, sourcing, delivery, and reconciliation processes from offline to online operations. Inquiry and comparison parts reduced by at least 5 man-days every month; Online reconciliation, saving at least 10 man-days per month.
  • Create price records in HAND SRM. When there is a purchase requirement, buyer can directly introduce the category mall to create a purchase order, which greatly reduces the duration of materials procurement.

FMCG – Company X

  • Comprehensive printing delivery notes.
  • Convenient for warehouse staff to count the quantity.
  • Support for Manufacturing Execution System (MES) scanning codes.
  • Carry out reconciliation and invoicing accurately and concisely.
  • 3 months after Go-live, the purchase order release confirmation rate reaches 82.3%.
  • Delivery notes conversion rate reaches 73.1%.
  • The rate of supplier creation of statements reaches 72.9%.
  • The online invoice import rate reaches 85.3%.

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