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Introducing YAN Cloud Service Management System

In today’s business landscape, it is more important than ever to have a solid enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in place. ERP software can help your company manage its resources more effectively and efficiently, making it is easier to achieve your goals. Consider YAN Cloud, an intelligent cloud platform provided by HAND for service management in Singapore.

Our ERP system offers a variety of solutions to streamline operations and equip businesses with safe, rigorous knowledge management. This cloud-based ERP software is composed with modules that can address specific areas of your enterprise in Singapore, including :

  • Service Management
  • Knowledge Management, combine with machine learning (ML)
  • The YAN Cloud, provides a chatbot that learn and create FAQ knowledge base
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Service Level Management (SLAs)

Priority Hits

As a trusted enterprise software provider in Singapore, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is why our cloud-based ERP software allows businesses to configure the system to meet their specific needs. Additionally, you are able to manage the service directory in your preferred language. The YAN Cloud could be applied to the following :

  • After-sale Service Management
  • HR Service Management
  • Quality and Issue Analysis
  • IT  Service Management (ITSM)

AI – BPM – Collaboration

User Layer

  • Service Receiver
  • CS/Service Desk
  • Service Team
  • Service Operation Team
  • Manager

YAN Cloud Layer

Front End

Portal and Workstation Backlog Speech Recognition Knowledge Base
Universal Search Knowledge Recommendation Service Desk Online Cust. Service
Personal Center Notification i-Cust. Service Report Dashboard
Service Catalogue

Connection Between Front End User and Backend Function


Service Management Knowledge Management Monitoring Management Report Platform Resource Management API platform
Universal Search Knowledge Home Client Dashboard Resource Inventory Ticketing API
Service Catalogue Recommendation Engine Monitoring of Rules Config. Standard Report Resource Planning Knowledge APU
Service Desk Knowledge Graph Dashboard Monitoring Customised Report Training and Promotion Monitoring API
Service Catagory Machine Learning Advance Warning Customised Visual Performance and Assessment Reporting API
Service Process Comments Output Interface Third Party Visual Tool Capability Model LDPA

Connection Between Function Backend and Public Services

Public Service

Tenant Management Roles Management Ticket Customisation
Account Management Permission Management Globalisation
Organisation Management Message Customisation LDPA

Connection Between Public Services and Infrastructure


Cloud Server Document Storage Domain Control
RDB Message Queueing Email Pushing
Object Storage Radis Caching Containerisation

Third-Party Layer

Third-Party System

Call Center Speech Recognition Intelligent Monitoring
Intelligent Cust. Service Machine Learning Big Data Processing

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