Business Process Automation (RPA) – Features Overview

Management Platform

Authority Management

Safety Management


Development kit Capabilities

Recording Development

Custom Report


Screen Recording Viewpoints

Compress Screen Recording

Flow Chart Comparison

Trigger Method

More Features…

  • The development kit provides the ability to develop process scripts. Two different process script development methods, code mode and graphic mode, are integrated in the kit, which is convenient for developers with different skill backgrounds.
  • The product integrates its own OCR capabilities to meet the need to recognize CAPTCHAs on most target systems, including slider-based CAPTCHAs.
  • Support the development mode of recording away from the main interface of the designer, and automatically generate the robot program according to the actual selection and operation of the customer.
  • Support screen file embedded viewpoints. ¬†Users can jump according to viewpoints when reviewing.
  • Manned client supports the same authority management as server side.
  • Support authority control to complex user, role and group.
  • Different users can access different resources
  • Support customized screen recording when the robot process is executed
  • Support users to skip the link without window output when the robot program is executed, reduce the size of the screen recording file, and save the file server space.
  • Special credit certificate management is carried out for the robot account to protect the account and authority security of company systems
  • Support custom report function, users can define report content and report display mode.
  • Support graphical comparison of robot processes, users can intuitively see the differences between different versions
  • Supports timed, interval and periodic configuration of jobs to trigger robot execution.
  • Support reverse event triggering, provide API¬†interface for other services to call

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