One-Stop Cloud-Based Manufacturing Execution System: Overview


The one-stop cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is a SaaS Digital Factory Solution provided by HAND Global Solutions for small and medium sized manufacturing industries.

As a modern and efficient digital factory that is dedicated to marrying builder industrial with eco-builder, our cloud-based ERP system can help you realise and optimise the whole order, production and execution process by way of mobile application of the enterprise production management system.

This cloud-based manufacturing platform covers the entire business process from order to delivery. Key modules include the following :

  • Order progress
  • Production execution
  • Personnel management
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Quality management
  • Report analysis

How Can A Smart Factory Software Benefit Your Business?

The advantages of this smart factory software include decreased costs, improved quality, less waste, the enabling of continuous improvement and real-time monitoring of production.

With greater connectivity across a manufacturing plant and the ability to monitor production in real time, the manufacturing execution system allows vendors to gather intelligence and data from the machine and the industrial plant. Afterwhich, they can then use this information to improve their operations, for instance, significantly reduce energy consumption and create new value.

Embedded machinery intelligence is able to address the skilled labour shortage, a common problem in the manufacturing industry. Another advantage is that manufacturers are able to predict equipment failures and improve productivity by using remote-access capabilities to monitor multiple machines with a centralised system.

With the digitisation of the manufacturing plant, the intelligence and data gathered can be shared among the production, logistics, supply chain, and retail departments. Any underlying problems on the production floor can be identified precisely and rectified quickly. This improves the overall operations of the manufacturing plant and minimises risks and costs.


Core Functions

Production Management

Automatic distribution production word order. Process drawings electronic management. Mobile production reporting. Automatic statistics production hours. Real-time monitoring system, timely processing abnormal feedback.

Production Scheduling Management

Production line and order priority management demand orders will be automatic split according to priority. Product equipment capacity constraints equipment shift calendar constraints to make scheduling accurate and efficient. Visual scheduling management real-time grasp of production schedule progress and anomalies.

Warehouse Barcode Management

Quick barcode generator while moving the raw materials into the warehouse. Raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, and other forms of inventory movement can be completed through the scanning code to complete the rapid access to the warehouse. Timely update inventory information. Support multiple types of bar codes.

Quality Control

Flexible definition of inspection items, quality inspection standards and inspection business scenarios can help the factory to build a comprehensive quality standard system. The quality inspection results are easily accessible on mobile. Visible quality standards and quality inspection analysed results.

Device/Equipment Management and Interconnection

Equipment maintenance management use a mobile device to record equipment maintenance to form an analysis report.

Integrate system and connect production device/equipment real-time monitoring feedback on the status of the equipment. Real-time collection of production data.

Smart Factory Dashboard

Flexible define multi-dimensional data report statistical. Support cross-system integration of comprehensive data display analysis enables enterprise decision-making more intelligent and convenient.

Protocol and Devices We Supported

Compatible with more than 90% of mainstream production devices/equipment in the market.


PPI protocol, Simatic Net OPC protocol, MEWTO COL protocol, HostLink protocol, Kep Server Opc protocol, FX protocol, MC protocol, RSLinx OPC protocol, TCP protocol, etc.

Support mainstream devices/equipment:



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