HAND MES Smart Factory Product Features




  • Warehouse management

  • Equipment management

Planning management

  • Scheduling based on demand pull plan
  • Replenishment plan based on safety stock
  • Support batches, SKU and multi dimensional plan scheduling algorithm
  • Scheduling based on productivity, equipment operation calendar, PERT and production line change buffer time constraints
  • Production line, order priority management, agile setting on the order priority rules to support different priority setting according to customer, delivery due date, special product, adhoc tasks and etc
  • Visibility on the production scheduling management, digital dashboard demonstrate on the progress of production line

Production management

  • Multiple production team and staff management, support mobile clock in
  • Auto count on the working hours based on different post
  • Auto dispatch the production order to post and equipment
  • Support production report, material report. Process report in various mobile terminals such as PC, PDA, handphone and Pad
  • Complete multiple material BOM management, multiple version of process scheduling management
  • Digitalized production blueprint, work manual, process documents´╝î fast track and trace the digital doc via product bar code or QR code
  • Real time monitoring abnormality and push alert, online feedback from digital lighting system

Equipment management

  • Provide complete logbook for whole life cycle management of equipment
  • Complete equipment maintenance and repair plan, regular check plan
  • Auto dispatch maintenance workbook to ensure assign the right task of the right equipment to the right maintenance staff
  • Equipment repair record details, priority inspection plan, root cause analysis
  • Support various types of data exchange equipment interconnection, system and equipment interconnection
  • Real time status of equipment, real time monitoring equipment and online alert on the equipment breakdown
  • Real time data on the production status, highly efficient, on time, and accurate on the production data

Warehouse management

  • Raw material storage, auxiliary material storage management, generate bar code for raw material receipt
  • Multiple choice of bar code, QR code, color code
  • Fast receipt and issuing via scanning and updating stock information at any point of raw material issuing, semi-finished product receipt, finished goods delivery

Quality management

  • Configurable criteria of inspection project, inspection standard and scenario, helps factory to construct the complete quality standard system
  • Fast quality inspection result based on automatic quality judgement
  • Support input of quality result from mobile terminals
  • Configurable reject code management, classifying and grouping of quality problems in the production process
  • Visibility on the quality standard and inspection result

Report analysis

  • Flexible defined multi-dimensional report dashboard
  • Support multiple tier data analysis for decision making at different level
  • Support cross system integrated comprehensive data dashboard analysis
  • Flexible configurable administrative access for different level of decision makers

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