Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Smart Factory

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the core to improve enterprise-wide manufacturing efficiency.

Many of our manufacturing customers often face the problem in balancing the manufacturing costs and product quality. With the emerging of new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and block chain, manufacturing companies find the perfect solution in industry 4.0 era. Applying new information technologies in manufacturing is the trend and path to grow your enterprise with better product quality towards era of digitalization.

Digital factory transformation and upgrading key elements.

In the digital transformation of for manufacturing enterprises,  upgrading to digital factory is the most critical to the success of implementation. In the process of manufacturing digitization, construction & modification of digitized factory are important with 6 major changes which include digitization of factory/production model, product model, digital instruction, execution process and equipment safety.

Digital Factory
  • Planning management
  • Procurement management
  • Warehouse logistics
  • Workshop management
  • Quality control
Digital Device
  • Automatic logistics management
  • Device interconnection management
  • Equipment life cycle management
  • Spare parts management
Digital Driven Decision Making
  • Comprehensive budget
  • Big data analysis
  • Management Cockpit
Digital Operation
  • PLM( R&D collaboration)
  • ERP (Financial Accounting)
  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management)
  • SRM(Supplier collaboration)

Our Capability

Hand Collaborative Manufacturing (HCM)

HCM, business control & execution system, helps to digitize factory/production model, product model, digital instruction, execution process and equipment safety constructing digital flow. With integration of HCM, instruction digital flow, material flow and business control flow will be synchronized.


  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Word Order
  • Manufacturing Order
  • Delivery Plan
  • Delivery Order
  • Ingredients list
  • Material Requisition


  • Purchase Stock-in
  • Warehouse Stock
  • Stock Out
  • Production Loading
  • Process Movement
  • Production completed
  • Product in stock
  • Product Shipment

Business control flow

  • Purchase inspection
  • Expiration date control
  • Material error proofing
  • Process error proofing
  • Process quality inspection
  • Finished quality inspection
  • SPC control
  • Factory quality inspection

HAND has served many digital factories in various manufacturing industry with Hand Collaborative Manufacturing (HCM) through continuous research and development of cutting-edge information technology.

Hand collaborative manufacturing (HCM) has more than 2,000 functional components covering five modules below:

  • Production Planning

  • Manufacturing Execution

  • Logistics Execution

  • Quality Management

  • Equipment Link

HCM Module Instruction

EDGLINK - support 90% mainstream production devices/equipment in the Market

  • Support various equipment communication protocols
  • Provide edge service
  • Provide reconstruction service for old machine
  • Millisecond response for equipment connection


  • Integration of  Production-Supply-Sale
  • Multilevel for planning system
  • Support multi organization or plants
  • Provide various capability mode
  • For short supply-chain lead time


  • Collect data and control each process
  • Adjust orders base on  reality condition
  • Support complex process routing
  • A complete range of product files
  • Andon


  • Support PFEP (Plan For Every Part)
  • Provide various logistic mode(Min-Max, Andon, SPS..)
  • Support setup each logistic mode strategy
  • Actuate the AGVs or RGVs


  • Collect quality data online
  • Provide various quality control methods
  • Use SPC to monitor the stability for quality
  • Provide analysis tools for quality improvement
  • Traceability system

Each module in HCM is interconnected with each other and can work alone or work together with other modules to control the manufacturing process subject to the complexity of different business requirement.

HCM covers from the business requirements, resources planning and scheduling, material procurement, logistics and transportation, production execution, warehousing management, and delivery and sales. In addition to these major processes, it can also support sub-processes such as: quality control, and equipment/device collaboration. At the same time, HCM can record the full order process history and product process parameters in the data model, which helps companies identify the defect and improve efficiency in terms of product traceability and quality control.

Hand Collaborative Manufacturing (HCM) is an integrated solution that achieves the collaboration and control of the entire manufacturing operations.
It had been implemented in many manufacturing sectors such as machinery and equipment production, general machinery production, home appliance production, automobile production, auto parts production, custom made furniture, power battery production, electronic assembly production, packaging and printing production. HCM is suitable for manufacturing companies that need to improve efficiency and scale up in the following scenarios :

Cover the management and control capabilities of each device and equipment. Ultimately guarantee the quality of the product by controlling the compliance of each operation process.
Integration planning for shortening delivery cycle and improving responsiveness of modeling and  efficiency information exchange mechanisms.
Establish a pulling system based on the dynamic changes of environmental parameters. Reduce inventory costs by improving logistics turnover rate.
Build a manufacturing process data model that reflects the transaction history and process parameters. Through data analysis and comparison, system defects will be easily detected and manufacturing system capabilities will be improved too.

Why HCM is required for upgrading manufacturing process? HCM considers the comprehensiveness, flexibility, capability & compatibility of individual future manufacturing process.

High Compatibility with 90% of Mainstream Production Devices/Equipment in the Market.

PPI protocol, Simatic Net OPC protocol, MEWTO COL protocol, HostLink protocol, Kep Server Opc protocol, FX protocol, MC protocol, RSLinx OPC protocol, TCP protocol, etc

Support mainstream devices/equipments:

Comprehensive Business Supports Capabilities

HCM is seamlessly integrated with other HAND business domain products (Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain), which cover the comprehensive information needs of manufacturing enterprises. All the business systems are working as one platform which enhances user experience and reduces redundant work and data.

Flexible Product Adaptability

The continuous technological transformation and production line optimization of manufacturing enterprises have led to the diversity and variability of business requirements. HCM is based on the component-based and service-oriented design concept which has natural advantages in responding to the changing and diversified needs;

Large-scale ERP Integration Capability

HAND has in-depth understanding of the needs of mainstream ERP product integration and program design experience. In terms of ERP integration, HAND has developed a standardized program to ensure the efficiency and quality of the interface. Through the integration of HCM and ERP, the overall goal of digitalization of manufacturing enterprises can be achieved.

Our Solution (Voice from Customers)

MES helps our group companies achieve visualization in one platform, the overall digital factory effectively improve enterprise efficiency, shorten the production cycle, improve the quality management level.

Mr Cao

Founder, leading Glass manufacturer.

MES built lean production information system integrated with production, supply chain and marketing for our group, it effectively reduced inventory, improved inventory turnover and reduced logistics overhead cost by more than 30%.

Mr Ho

General manager of the top largest air conditioning compressor manufacturer.

HAND has helped hundreds of manufacturing enterprises to transform their factories to digital factories.

Different factories solutions to optimize manufacturing operation flows.

New Energy

  • 3000 real-time quality control points
  • 1000+ real-time control charts
  • 10,000+ product traceability items
  • Unified logistics and information flow
  • Error prevention
  • Manufacturing process monitoring

Food & Beverage

  • Monitor validity
  • Recipe processing
  • Control material feeding order
  • Processing time statistic
  • Food process traceability
  • Dynamic shop floor logistic planning

Packaging Printing

  • Critical path planning
  • Digital electronic formula
  • Mixed production
  • Sample production
  • Master pack work order
  • Work paid by quantity produced
  • File management for products

Home Appliance

  • Make to Order
  • JIT Material Pull
  • Consignment and Settlement
  • Constrains based Production Scheduling
  • Supplier Scheduling
  • Supplier Quality Collaboration
  • Automated Production Control
  • Dynamic Warehouse and Logistic

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