Helios – Features Overview


Travel Requests for Multiple Employees – Helios will automatically create ticket approval sheets for all participants. All participants will be reimbursed according to the travel requests.

Budget Control – Travel requests will take up the budget independently. The filing of reimbursement sheets connected to the travel requests will be limited to the budgeted amount for that travel request.

Multiple Ways of Ticket Booking – A travel participant books tickets for all. Travel participants book tickets independently for themselves.

Ticket Booking Control – Control flight tickets or hotel bookings according to the information such as destination/date/class/level, which shows on the travel request to ensure no overbudget bookings.

Data Return – Data generated from TMC suppliers will be automatically sent to Helios back-end. The actual expenses on the tickets or hotels will be checked against Helios travel requests or expense claims.

User-defined Forms – Helios allows clients to add user-defined fields according to business requirements to achieve the personalized control needs of Helios clients.

More Features…

Travel Requests

Financial Management

Reminder for Expiration

Expense Management

Approval Workflow Engine


Reimbursement Sheets

Data Analytics

Instant Approval

Features and Benefits of Helios Expense Claims App


Mileage Claims In Real Time with GPS and Google Maps Integration



Field personnel only need to touch the departure and arrival buttons on the app as they leave and arrive while travelling.

All the calculations will be done automatically including the mileage rates to give the total cost of the trip using the rates for different staff categories



Ensures accuracy of claims and compliance to policy.

There may be significant cost savings that comes with compliance.

The mileage rate settings can be set on the Helios server as below:-



The expense items can be viewed before submission



The date and time of departure and arrival as well as the reference system
generated mileage and mileage keyed in by the staff (in the case of detours etc as seen on the car odometer) can be seen for audit purposes.



Photos may be attached to verify the location and relevant receipts images. Up to 9 receipts may be attached per claim item. The time of departure and arrival may also be used to estimate the actual travel distance.



Expense Request And Claims Approval Via App



All submissions and budgeting are submitted by staff to their manager and person of approve in real time. Managers will receive a notification on their mobile phone/web/email of new requests.


Managers can clear request faster on a daily basis. They can also approve and reject with comments made to the request and a decision trail is shown in the app. This helps budgetary control. Note the reject note in red below:-


Why Helios?

Our system compares favorably to other systems based on usability & flexibility, new features & enhancements, lightweight & integrated products, integration, ease of use and more. Eliminate paper receipts and save time, too!

Usability & Flexibility

  • Tailored to fit client’s requirements
  • Extensible data model to cope with complex logic
  • Business friendly administration

New Features & Enhancements

  • Customer-driven new features and functionality (best practice from HAND’s customer base)
  • Cooperation with partners

Lightweight & Integrated Product

  • Centralised enterprise portal (expense, travel, OA, service provider, etc.)
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Integration with O2O vendor and legacy system

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