Closing Customer Experience Gaps with ITSM Solutions

The customer is always right — a saying you’ll often find spoken amongst successful businesses worldwide. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of any profitable organisation, and customer experience gaps can drive consumption away from your company’s products or services a lot faster than you think. 

In fact, a thorough study reveals that 32% of all customers will walk away from a brand they used to love after just one bad experience. How then can businesses seek to efficiently close customer experience gaps and optimise customer retention rates along with repeating revenues? 

Service Management in Business

In short, service management refers to the providing of quality customer service that consumers will value, buy, and use. It focuses on both the offering of meaningful value to consumers, as well as the enhancing of customer relationship quality

By fulfilling the aforementioned, businesses can build strong long-term relationships with their consumers. This not only helps businesses retain and grow their customer base, but also provides for a platform through which companies can monitor the changing tastes and preferences of their target consumer and adapt their product or service offerings accordingly. 

However, there are numerous processes and practices that make up quality service management, with different frameworks and principles underpinning what’s good and what isn’t. Businesses who are looking to provide quality service management must think about, at the very least:

  • Service strategy
  • Service design 
  • Service transition
  • Service operation
  • Incident management
  • Service request management
  • Problem management
  • Service improvement
  • Customer relationship management
  • Service continuity management

But even keeping tabs on all the above — though difficult in itself — isn’t quite enough to promise quality service management. That is why businesses globally often turn to innovative ITSM software and solutions to help ensure the quality of their service management is up to standard, especially since the bulk of B2C interactions often take place digitally. 

ITSM Solutions

Information Technology Service ManagementITSM for short — takes on a strategic approach to designing, delivering, managing, and improving the way IT is used within an organisation, and can be leveraged to easily bridge customer experience gaps with the proper software, tools, and other managed IT services and solutions

For example, YAN Cloud, an intelligent cloud platform for service management, provides efficient, low-cost operations along with safe and rigorous knowledge management through integrated AI IT service management software and tested business process automation and management practices. This includes a user layer that consists of a service receiver, customer service desk, and a service operation team and manager. This user layer works in tangent with the front and back end of the YAN Cloud layer, which consists of:

Front End of YAN Cloud ITSM Software

  • Universal search and personal center
  • Service catalog and backlog
  • Knowledge recommendation and notification
  • Speech recognition and service desk
  • i-Customer service and knowledge base
  • Online customer service and report dashboard

Back End of YAN Cloud ITSM Software

  • Service management solutions (universal search; service catalogue, desk, category and processes)
  • Knowledge management solutions (knowledge home and graph; recommendation engine; machine learning; comments and enquiries)
  • Monitoring management solutions (client management; monitoring of rules configuration; dashboard monitoring; advanced warning systems; output interface)
  • Report platform solutions (dashboard; standard and customised reports; customised in-house and third-party visual tools) 
  • Resource management solutions (resource inventory and planning systems; training and promotion systems; employee performance and assessment tools; capability models)
  • API platform solutions (helpdesk, ticketing, knowledge, monitoring, and reporting APIs; LDAP guidance and tools

All the above are integrated into a single one-stop product in YAN Cloud, which facilitates data fusion and effective translation of information into actionable steps and quality results. Through ITSM software and tools such as YAN Cloud, businesses can enjoy a closed-loop-solution to all things concerning customer experiences — be they about complaints, tickets, operations management, knowledge precipitation, and more.

Complexity in ITSM Implementation

However, businesses should also take a cautionary note with ITSM. Choosing too many different tools and software to individually fulfil separate needs can often result in costly and ineffective implementation or integration that can cause more harm than good. 

That is why one-stop-solutions are most ideal, and why businesses often engage credible IT service management companies such as Hand Global Solutions (HAND) to aid in ITSM implementation

Close Your Customer Experience Gap with HAND

HAND is the leading enterprise IT solutions service provider in Singapore and the world, with innovative SaaS and platform solutions that promise holistic, stable, agile, and integrated one-stop digital transformation. 

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