Business Process Automation (RPA): Overview


The Easy-Link is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) application catering to help corporation to automate their business processes.

It helps to reduce operation team tasks for repetitive and logical operations.

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Why do companies need RPA technology?

Arrival of artificial intelligence era

AI technologies such as voice/image recognition, big data analytics, NLP, and machine learning are constantly evolving. Companies want to benefit from AI technology, and they need RPA technology to help them do so.

Human labour needs to be replaced

A great number of people are still engaged in frequent, repetitive and mechanical tasks in various areas of the business. These jobs need to be replaced by RPA technology to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The need for enterprise business intelligence transformation

The need for digital transformation and intelligent enterprise operations is becoming increasingly urgent, especially in the 2.0 era in finance. RPA technology is the perfect solution for the enterprises to provide the technical means to operate intelligently.

The landing of the shared service centre model

Most customers continue to promote the shared service centre model in finance, supply chain, customer service and other fields, accompanied by the adjustment of business processes and organizational structure. RPA Technology helps the model of the shared service centre land quickly.

What difficulties can RPA solve?

Repetitive work:

There are highly repetitive manual operations in the financial processes, which are labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Cross-system communication and coordination:

Practical operations across positions require collaborative processing, with  high communication costs and low efficiency

Work with high error rate:

Manual processing has a higher error rate and the accuracy of the data obtained is low

Frequent compliance inspection work:

Due to time and manpower constraints, some compliance and audit work was conducted on a sample basis, which did not allow for 100 per cent full coverage

Manual calculation, verification and output work:

Human factors have a large impact on process calculation and report output verification.

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