5 Common ERP Software Implementation Mistakes to Avoid

With the advent of cross-border eCommerce and international business in general, many companies look to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as a smart software solution to help them cope with the complexities entailed by competitive, volatile markets ⁠— and with good reason. Be it for manufacturing companies, eCommerce organisations, or international enterprises of any sort, cloud-based ERP systems can streamline otherwise-lengthy business processes and grant clarity and opportunity with regards to big data usage.

However, what many in and beyond Singapore fail to recognise is how major an undertaking implementing ERP solutions can be. While proper ERP software implementation will undoubtedly facilitate an increase in productivity, cost-reduction, ROI-optimisation, and more, a careless attempt at ERP implementation can easily overrun your budget or timeline and cause major financial detriment to both your company and employees. 

As a leading enterprise IT solutions service provider and ERP implementation company, we at Hand Global Solutions (HAND) understand how much of a challenge ERP software implementation can pose to those untrained. So, to help you prevent unwanted complications, here are 5 common ERP mistakes you should avoid when implementing a cloud ERP solution in Singapore

1. Poor or Inexistent Planning

As mentioned, ERP software implementation is a massive undertaking; one that will affect every department in your organisation across each geographical location your company operates in. Enterprise software and cloud systems consist of many intricate parts and modules. Failure to properly plan how you’re going to implement a cloud-based ERP solution for your company in Singapore can easily lead to not only delays but derailment of the entire project. 

Make sure you have a solid roadmap planned out before you even start the ERP software implementation process. 

2. Taking it Solo

As a business owner, there will come times when you must make a snap decision on behalf of your company, and have faith that your business acumen will take your organisation to where it needs to be. ERP software implementation should never be considered one such moment. You must have your key players from each department on board with the cloud-based ERP solution you’ve picked out, and aware of the implementation processes and all the entailed adapting required from them and their teams throughout the journey. 

Refrain from merely settling for executive sign-offs. The ideal would be to reach out to all your key stakeholders from across your organisation and actively engage them with the ERP software implementation process. This way, you not only alleviate the risks of your project running into unforeseen complications, but also inherently groom key personnel to spearhead the implementation process and champion the cloud enterprise solution rather than resist its implementation

3. Rushing the Implementation Process

While tempting, never try to do it all at once when implementing an enterprise resource planning system for your company. Instead, focus on one task at a time throughout the ERP software implementation process. Though slightly counterintuitive, this will speed up the entire process and reduce the risk of mishaps or mistakes occurring.

Start with the departments and features that are most vital to your company, then work down the line to get your ERP software implementation completed in as swift a manner as possible, at no expense of quality or resultant returns. 

4. Forgoing Change Management and Employee Training

Cloud-based ERP solutions are disruptive, and that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. After all, it’s entailed benefits are limitless, and the opportunities granted by sporting a suitable cloud ERP software solution in Singapore can work wonders for your bottom-line and employee morale — that is, only if the disruption is handled properly through change management and employee training.

Not preparing your staff for the change brought about by ERP software implementation is one of the most common reasons ERP projects fail in Singapore. Not training employees to fully leverage the many features and benefits of a cloud ERP system is also akin to having squandered away your capital investment. Be sure to execute strategic change management and conduct proper employee training to make your ERP project a success in Singapore

5. Not Considering Your Nuanced Needs or Checking for References

There are numerous ERP systems for you to choose from in Singapore’s ERP market. Don’t run into the trap of carelessly picking one that is unsuitable to the nuanced business needs of your organisation. Sit down with your team and properly analyse the key areas where your company requires aid in, or the places where improvement can spell great returns in the future. Be it inventory tracking, employee scheduling, or anything else, ensure that the enterprise cloud system you choose has the features that can support what you need to grow your company

Also, never be so dazzled by a salesperson’s pitch that you wholeheartedly trust them without checking for references. As aforementioned, ERP software implementation is a big project that necessitates investment of both time and money. Check for a company’s credibility before engaging their services, and always ask for at least three references to cross-check their trustworthiness. 

Engage HAND for Mistake-Free ERP Software Implementation

HAND offers ERP software implementation consulting for companies looking to undertake the arduous yet rewarding task of adopting a cloud-based ERP software solution in Singapore. Our range of consulting services include SAP Consulting Services, Oracle Consulting Services, NetSuite Consulting Services, and Application Management Services.

Having just celebrated 10 years of providing innovative IT solutions all across the globe, our extensive experience and personalised service at HAND promises not only a mistake-free ERP software implementation process, but the providence of means through which you can fully capitalise on cloud-based ERP systems in Singapore to grow your company for sustained success. With accolades such as the Best SaaS Partner in China, Best SaaS Partner in Asia Pacific, and Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer, you can trust that you and your company will be in good hands with HAND.

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