Helios Success Story: Transport Industry

This ride-sharing enterprise has around 7,000 employees. Helios helped this enterprise build up their reimbursement credit management, shortening the reimbursement cycle by leaps, urging employees to initiate standardised reimbursement behaviours through analysing and influencing. With it’s quick launch, Helios helped this enterprise regulate reimbursement rules and optimise processes, improving the efficiency and experience of the overall process.



As there are a large number of employees, Hand had to systematically launch Helios to benefit all employees. This needed to be accomplished within a short cycle of implementation of 3 weeks. This enterprise attached special importance to data security and employee experience. They needed a user-friendly system with a high standard for security. This enterprise not only demanded basic functions and applications implementation, but also requested management promotion and improvement.


We were able to launch Helios quickly to be used by all employees. Helios comes with preset controls, optimised and sorted processes, friendly-designed details and improved process efficiency and user experience.

We also creatively realised reimbursement credit management. The reimbursement cycle is shortened by fast transfer within 24 hours. Helios helped standardise employees’ expense behavior, thus reducing company costs.



This furnishing company has around 15,000 employees. The outdated paper reimbursement sheets failed to meet the demand of expense control. To thoroughly change the situation that financial policy failed to be implemented at user end, this furnishing company adopted Helios as its reimbursement platform and Hand…


Hand has 8,000 employees, who produced more than 20,000 pieces of reimbursement sheets and huge verifying workload for accountants. By building up Helios system, Hand made its expense more transparent, its claim more convenient, largely improving employees’ experience and efficiency of whole process.

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