Helios – Expense Claims App : Overview


Introducing Helios -Expense Claims App

Helios is an expense claims app that helps companies reduce costs and alleviate compliance issues. A travel and expense management problem was solved by creating a sophisticated app that combines tracking travel & business expenses with e-invoicing & reimbursement.

Helios incorporates the latest application technology and integration with back-end ERP’s. It integrates easily with all legacy systems including SAP and Oracle. Our predesigned integration provides a seamless process with your company’s ERP system.

Using Helios – Expense Claims App, your employees have a shorter cycle time for expense invoicing & reimbursement while your organisation increases overall productivity and efficiency.

Helios – Expense Claims App has a centralised data point whereby all information is stored in the same secured server. Our security inspection system ensures data security for all users. Sensitive user information is encrypted and saved.

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How can Helios benefit your business?

40% Shorter Approval Cycles

Shorter approval cycles using mobile apps for travel and expense management.

60% Better Compliance

Better compliance when you use end-to-end travel and expense solutions.

55% Lower Cost

Lower cost of every expense report transaction when you automate the process.

17% Direct Expense Savings

Direct expense savings with integrated partners.


Travel Ticket Booking

Book a travel ticket within the app when your employee makes a travel request. Seamless integration between internal systems of HR / Finance / CRM and external airlines and hotels.

Mileage Estimator

Tired of manually calculating and tabulating your mileage for your business trip? With Helios, you can turn on the app and let it calculate and claim your mileage with a click of a button.


E-Invoice Management

There are 3 types of invoicing with Helios. You can import from third parties, scan invoices or manually input your invoices. Reminder of expiration will be sent out accordingly based on your company’s internal rules.

Data Analysis

Data reports, analysis reports and customised reports can be generated to keep track of the expense and claims filed by employees. Reports of each employee’s expenses and claims can be seen in one click.

Helios At A Glance


Companies who used Helios…


This ride-sharing enterprise has around 7,000 employees. Helios helped this enterprise build up their reimbursement credit management, shortening the reimbursement cycle by leaps, urging employees to initiate standardised reimbursement behaviours through analysing and influencing…


This furnishing enterprise has around 15,000 employees. The outdated paper reimbursement sheets failed to meet the demand of expense control. To thoroughly change the situation that financial policy failed to implement at the user end, this furnishing company adopted Helios as its reimbursement platform and Hand…


Hand has 8,000 employees who produce more than 20,000 reimbursement sheets. This was a huge verifying workload for the accountants. By adopting the Helios system, Hand made its expenses more transparent and its processing of claims more convenient…

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