EasiShare Success Story: Real Estate Industry

JTC Corporation requires collaboration with external vendors. EasiShare fulfilled the requirement with it’s secured file sharing and file management.



JTC require to send and receive files with partners and vendors on ad-hoc basis with OTP. They also needed sharing of project folders for collaboration with role permission. Other requirements are using Web client and Outlook as the primary interface, hybrid authentication for internal and external users and detailed audit logs.

Problem Solved

With the implementation of EasiShare, SOE AD and EasiShare authentication is integrated with AES 256 bit and TLS compliant encryption. Policies are formed to managed both folder and users for internal and external users. Central Admin Portal is set up to manage users, storages, devices and policies.


The Maritime Port Authority (MPA) wanted a paperless boardroom. Easishare, document management system is able to help MPA achieve it’s goal…


PUB, a statutory board under the Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, needed a solution for secure management of large files. EasiShare solved it with encryption…

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