HAND Enterprise Solutions (HAND) is a leading global software solutions provider working to deliver your IT strategy, ERP solution implementations and global technical support. We leverage our offshore and onshore teams from around the world to provide our customers with the most competitive, convenient and reliable experience.

In Singapore & Asean Countries, HAND focuses on providing Smart Manufacturing, Ecommerce O2O, Supply Chain Management & ERP solutions for various industries. In addition, HAND leverages with IT industry partners using GoToMarket programs for our specialised products: EasiShare – Secured Document Share and Helios – Expense Tracker Application.

HAND is recognised as the Best SaaS ERP Solutions provider of the year 2017 in Asia by ORACLE. With a track record of over 80+ live projects in ORACLE Cloud, our customers value us for our RAPID deployment capability and cost effectiveness for ORACLE ERP projects.


  • The Best PaaS Partner in China of the Year
  • The Best SaaS Partner in Asia Pacific of the Year
  • The Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer

 HAND is one of the world’s leading SAP partners. Our experts effectively deploy, develop and support this market-leading software. HAND offers implementation and consulting services for SAP products including: S/4HANA, S/4HANA Upgrades, Hybris solutions and SAP Cloud-for-Customer (C4C).

  HAND Helios is an expense claims app that helps companies reduce costs and alleviate compliance issues. A travel and expense management problem was solved by creating a sophisticated app that combines tracking travel & business expenses with e-invoicing & reimbursement.

Helios incorporates the latest application technology and integration with back-end ERP’s. It integrates easily with all legacy systems including SAP and Oracle.

HAND EasiShare introduces the solution for secure enterprise file management addressing mobility and BYOD. The software empowers corporate users to send large files, back up desktop files and share and sync contents across desktops, web and mobile. Corporate users can improve productivity without compromising data control and security by using consumer file-sharing services.

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2018 年,商用车品牌东风小康DFSK前往印尼设厂并成立了PT Sokonindo Automobile,正式宣布进军东协市场。除了先进的涂装,焊接,组装设备,为了更符合工业4.0的新理念,DFSK更是购入了SAP系统让一切作业更便捷与自动化。 [...]


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Why foreign companies choose HELIOS ? HELIOS understand foreign companies better The main principles of foreign companies are the process, the legal compliance, operation efficiency, cost [...]

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