Learn about the latest in Manufacturing Executive System (MES), O2O commerce, ERP System, Enterprise Expense Platform and Document Management System. Gain insights as we explain further on these IT enterprise solutions.

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We provide IT solutions for enterprises looking to upgrade or implement digital strategy into their business.


Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Smart Factory

Are you looking to transform your traditional factory into a smart factory ready for the future? HAND has more than 12 years of experience in MES solution design and implementation.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Consulting

HAND – A top-ranked company in the professional services market in China with 8,000+ SAP and Oracle consultants and technical experts globally. Platinum Partner with Oracle and SAP. Recognised by Forbes China as a top 100 enterprise.


Helios Expense Tracker App

Helios is an expense tracker app that helps companies reduce costs and alleviate compliance issues. A travel and expense management problem was solved by creating a sophisticated app that combines tracking travel & business expenses with….


EasiShare – Document Management System

EasiShare, an IDA-Accredited Product, is a Document Management System created by Inspiretech. Hand is a reseller of EasiShare and shares Inspiretech’s vision for businesses to securely share and transfer files…

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