Digital Transformation | HAND assisted Eternal Asia taking a giant leap forward, from billion to trillion!

On 9th April 2020, Eternal Asia (EA) has launched a magnificent signing ceremony in Shenzhen, China for their upcoming Digital Transformation Project with HAND Enterprise Solutions (China) Ltd (HAND).

HAND, who works as the project implementer for EA, would first go through the financial integration system with SAP and enhance EA’s financial control comprehensively. This has relatively improved its financial compliance and efficiency.

Based on Eternal Asia’s strategic development and management planning, the company would gather the idea of integrating operations of few business units as a whole, such as product, procurement, purchasing order, warehouse, after sales, marketing and so on.

Meanwhile, moving towards Digital Transformation would support the management to forecast the company’s future business growth, as well as providing data and technical system support to the floor, which creates a new era to the Digital Age.

Eternal Asia’s Chairman – Mr. Zhou Guo Hui

Mr. Zhou mentioned in the ceremony, having Eternal Asia moving towards Digital Transformation is not an easy construction, it was the re-innovations of model, concept and organization that act as a revolution to the traditional management model.

“The practice of constantly seeking for innovation breakthrough is in our blood,” said the Chairman. “We are always committed to improve the quality of our supply chain services in China since then. And today, everything has changed, we are ready for the transformation and upgrades of the Digital Transformation, becoming the most competitive Integrated Supply Chain service provider, taking a giant leap forward, from billion to trillion!”

Mr. Zhou also strongly emphasized on the importance to the trend of digitalization and intelligence. All business units are highly encouraged to co-operate with HAND’s implementation project, work together unswervingly.

HAND’s CEO – Mr. Huang

“With the upgrading of technologies, enterprises have found that digitization is likely to play a prominent part in the business model, as getting more and more companies have improved their performance through digitization,” Mr. Huang also mentioned that, HAND has realized the company’s determination in Digital Transformation earlier during the past few months of discussion.

The very first phase of the implementation project is to let Eternal Asia to realize the diversified management on multi-industry, multi-category and multi-supply chain business expansion under a unified SAP system. Throughout the process, there will be new technologies and new tools applied to assist the company moving gradually to digitization, and of course to intelligent digitization, eventually.

Upon signing the agreement with HAND, Eternal Asia has officially started its journey towards Digital Transformation and coming across to innovation development that helps to upgrade the business model.

As a comprehensive IT service provider, HAND will always uphold the mission of being the connector, connecting enterprise management and information technology, help enterprises to achieve comprehensive digital transformation and improve organization’s operational efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness, which outstand our customer’s business value to the economy.

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