Enterprises having difficulties resuming to work? Helios assisting Vazyme returning to work in advance

During this Coronavirus outbreak, governments imposed legal enforcements on many enterprises to make sure the people stay at home or working from home. During this critical period, Vazyme Biotech, who has just signed up with Helios, is in a great battle of developing technologies to improve human health to fight with diseases. Vazyme Biotech is always the leading forefront in the Biomedical field,  where the employees sacrificed their time with families since Chinese New Year and quickly return to work to speed up the development for the new type of 2019-nCoV detection kit, which has made great contributions to the rapid detection of the epidemic.

Let us dive into the problems encountered by Vazyme during the outbreak and how they solved them.

Introduction of Vazyme Biotech

Vazyme Biotech is established in Year 2012, headquarter is located at Nanjing Hongfeng Science Park。 Vazyme has a R&D office area of about 25000 m², GMP production of about 4000 m², and having more than 800 employees as of now. Vazyme has established a stable marketing platform internationally, which included the discovery of enzyme evolution, 6 antibody engineering platforms and products that cover High-Throughput Sequencing, In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) and Biotechnology R&D.

Contribution done by Vazyme during this 2019-Coronavirus pandemic

During this 2019-Coronavirus pandemic, Vazyme stepped up boldly to begin with an emergency plan, immediately formed a team of R&D experts in working on the solutions for the virus outbreak. Looking at the innovations of enzymology and protein technology, they realised the needs of infectious RNA virus detection and developed a highly sensitive RT-qPCR reagent.

Later, it shows there’s a rise in numbers on the infected cases with the spread of the pandemic. In order to meet the needs of the frontline control and prevention, Vazyme has successfully developed a new 2019-nCoV Nucleic Acid detection kit (with multiple fluorescence RT-PCR method), where it’s able to generate a fast and accurate diagnosis within an hour, and firmly grasp at the first step of control and prevention.

Since the pandemic outbreak, hundreds of Vazyme R&D personnel and production line workers have adhered to stay at their job and work overtime, having to provide nearly 1 Million kits and over 5 Million core materials for the country.  They focus on providing a quality-guaranteed production and strive to win this pandemic battle as soon as possible!

The impact caused by this 2019-nCoV

The major difficulty faced by the enterprise during this 2019-nCoV is no other than the safety of employees returning to work. However, long since the first spread of 2019-nCoV, Vazyme has mobilized their employees to return to work on the detection kit and effectively implemented measures, such as body temperature monitoring, material distribution, and employed hygiene protection, making sure employees are well and safe coming back at work.

In addition, due to the rapid spread of 2019-nCoV, the timeliness of deliveries cannot be guaranteed, which includes the purchase of auxiliary materials and consumables are badly affected, the produced goods were not able to send to all parts of the country. Therefore, logistics efficiency is a limiting factor to the current business developments. When the situation is grim, people are worrying and desperate for a helping hand, Vazyme’s operation staffs have taken on the responsibility of being the deliveryman, driving through all channels just to deliver those urgently-needed reagents to their clients.

Helios Mobile Reimbursement helps to get things done efficiently

This pandemic has started the largest office migration in the digital age, as everyone are enforced to work from home. The biggest challenge of working from home is knowing that the efficiency of management and communication will drop drastically and significantly.

Helios, as a 1-stop Expense Management Platform, completes employee expenses and business travel applications, reservations, invoice management, from submission to reimbursement, automated online approval, company financial review, can all be done efficiently. Helios can also ensure the timeliness of reimbursement.

  • Employee mobile reimbursement

When employees are working from home, Helios completes the entire process of expenses input for application, travel booking and reimbursement through a mobile application. Well, saying goodbye to the traditional manual administration work, saving lots of paper and reduce errors!

  • Automated approval workflow

Manager receives employees’ application, checks documents and completes the approval online. Employees can choose to fill up the documents and forward it to their assigned approver’s personal chat group and having the approver to complete the approval directly. This has significantly improved the work efficiency and reduced communication errors.

  • Company financial review

Helios replaced the manual review. Business authenticity, bill compliance, amount accuracy, reimbursement norms, document integrity, and budget validity can all be intelligently reviewed in Helios, which improves financial efficiency.

  • Budget control / Cost control

During this pandemic period, Vazyme controls company’s cost strictly and before the expenses occur, the management utilizes Helios to process and monitor budget, making sure every cent is spent worthwhile.

  • E-transactions / E-invoicing / E-statements

Helios is very much helpful in providing invoice management, from issuance, collection, entry to reimbursement, the entire process can be viewed online. Business leaders are able to control the authenticity of each expense, finance personnel is able to track receipts easily. Say no more to paper receipts!

  • Mileage tracker

Everyone should avoid stepping out the house during this tough period, however, some business travels are inevitable. Therefore, employees are being asked to drive out with private transportation and avoid public transports as much as possible. Helios ensures the transparency of every data entry and generate an accurate mileage management. This keeps employees to work under a safe zone and management to be more at ease while managing employee’s expenses.

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