“TATA” Wooden Door strengthens its information construction by choosing HELIOS as their Expense Management Solutions

In 2018, TATA Wooden Door chooses HELIOS as the expense management system in their information construction. Consumer integration reduces employees’ cash advancement and shorten the reimbursement procedure to only 6.7 days. This has greatly improved employees’ satisfaction. HELIOS can seamlessly connect with our existing system to realize data circulation and empower digital transformation of enterprises.

– By TATA’s Finance Department

TATA Wooden Door, a leading brand of Chinese wooden door

TATA Wooden Door was founded in 1999. It is one of the earliest professional companies in China that is committed to research and development, production, sales and service of finished room doors. TATA’s online sales store covers major and medium-sized cities across the country, occupying market leadership in retail, channels, and engineering projects. TATA joined and became the Vice President of China Wooden Door Association. It is an iconic brand of Chinese wooden doors and a leading brand of Chinese wooden doors in China. TATA is always recognized with the mission of ‘changing the industry and serving the society’, and this has made them a trusted brand to the same industry and consumers.

  • Smart Digital arises

The feast of digital economy has just begun. Customers are moving towards the overall digital operation, they need a full digital data generator to understand consumer’s behaviour in real-time, understand the performance of goods, and understand the real-time performance of the full production link. Only then can the two ends of supply and demand be linked together.

In September 2017, the first ever Smart Store of TATA Wooden Door opened in HangZhou and now it has 105 smart stores and more than 2,000 stores across the country, of which 80 were newly opened in 2018. TATA’s goal is to reach 650 Smart Stores by the end of the year.

‘The best situation is usually reaching up to 30% of the customers. After setting up the Smart Store in HangZhou, the attendance rate has surprisingly risen to 67% and the order conversion rate has reached 70%. This is an unbelievable improvement in HomeTech Industry. ‘ said by TATA’s retailer.

  • Digital Transformation and Operation

The successful operation of data-driven smart stores has created an awareness for TATA of the importance of corporate digital transformation. Proud to say, in 2018, TATA has successfully upgraded to Corporate Digital System.

In the process of information construction, we faced the following issues:

  1. Data cannot flow – The existing OA system cannot be integrated with other application system
  2. Incomplete mobile functions – Approval and decision-making process can only be done through PC
  3. Repeating complicated process – Large numbers of repeated online and offline process

Selective thinking

  1. Stability of multiple integrated systems – In order to allow data to be transferred in multiple systems, before engaging the expense management system, TATA re-typed OA and Blue Ling won the bid. Helios and Blue Ling are deeply integrated in multiple projects, its professionalism, stability and security are highly guaranteed.
  2. Business process to be completed through mobile applications – Helios is able to complete business travel and expense application, hotel or flight bookings, reimbursements, approvals, and etc. on a mobile application, without having to switch back and forth on mobile phone and PC. This minimal operation has enhanced the overall company performance, be it working employees, management leaders or finance department.
  3. Compliance, Efficiency Transparency – Helios integrates with businesses such as business travel booking, travel application, expense reimbursement and automated accounting to open the entire process of “consumption-reimbursement-accounting”, making expense management more compliant and transparent, this will improve employees’ reimbursement experience and operational efficiency.

Project Overview

In accordance with the company’s management requirements, such as strengthening the management of expenses, internal control processes and standardizing the operation procedures, TATA Wooden Doors realizes Helios provides a 1-stop management platform for the entire process of pre-application, in-process control and post analysis of financial management. With Helios, the reimbursement process in TATA has become more efficient, simple and convenient, as it can be done anytime, anywhere accurately.

  1. Multi-functional mobility – Application for business travels and expenses, consumption and reimbursement are all completed on the mobile.
  2. Expenses Standards and Budgeting Control – Cost reimbursement standards and budget controlling to reduce cost overruns.
  3. Less employees and less receipts – Gather the monthly settlement, reducing staff reimbursement and volume of receipts.
  4. Deep Integration of multiple systems – Integration with the financial system is to complete the accounting process of expense reimbursement.
  5. In-Depth Data Analysis – Data analysis and application of various indicators of expense reimbursement.


Helios user experience:- 

Processing time is significantly reduced, say goodbye to loaded receipts

  • Before Go-live – The traditional practice of how reimbursement is usually done is by  filling in forms, submit for approval and review, where it involves a lot of communications with the approver, preservation of receipts that complicated the whole process and lead to poor employee experience.
  • After Go-live – The entire reimbursement process can all be done in Helios app, let’s say, the approver can review the submission of all reimbursement items and application forms in the app and approve in real-time. Helios is deeply connected with parties such as Ctrip and Didi, which helps to reduce a lot of unnecessary work when a business travel is requested.

Operational efficiency improved, farewell to repeated operations / processes

  • Before Go-Live – As the travel reimbursement is done manually, employees are often charged back due to unforeseen human errors, this resulting to repeated process, poor employee experience and repeated financial audits.
  • After Go-Live – Helios helps TATA Wooden Door to realize the full process of cost management, which includes pre-application, mid-event control, post-event analysis. The whole automated process helps to improve financial efficiency. The system runs automatically to increase cost compliance, submitted invoices have been checked and verified at real-time, this process eliminates the large amount of financial audit workload, and the average audit duration has shortened to 0.9 days.

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