Why foreign companies choose HELIOS ?

  • HELIOS understand foreign companies better

The main principles of foreign companies are the process, the legal compliance, operation efficiency, cost reduction and cost efficiency, these are written down deeply in HELIOS’ objectives too. In the early stage, the first commercialized product that engaged HELIOS was MARY KAY, from stable and compatible systems, diverse consumer scenarios, sophisticated product functions, and operation experiences, these are deeply understood by HELIOS. We always believe that “transparency is the best management”.


  • Project Team is experienced in  providing services to foreign companies

In order to provide our customers with more diversified, more sophisticated and valuable services, Helios Project Team pursues the construction of composite talents, such as IT leaders and Finance leaders from companies like Oracle, SAP, Deloitte and Ctrip, where these leaders are very experienced in overseas operations and project implementations, to ensure the full rigour of project plan and the flexibility of the business.

  • Enjoy the scalability of HELIOS 

HELIOS not only disrupted the business travel and expense management model in Great China, however, it continues expanding its market share abroad. In the beginning year of 2018, HELIOS started its target market in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region and successively deployed and implemented in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. HELIOS has positioned itself as a trustable international product, paying attention to global needs, such as multi-currency support, tax policies of various countries, international information security compliance, etc., and implement these needs into the functional development of HELIOS.

At the end of March 2019, the brand ‘Spendia’ was officially launched in Japan, it is developed based on the local features in Japan, which includes Japan’s invoice identification, local regulations ‘E-text Act’ support, ‘subject transfer’ in the calculation of Japan’s subway fees, last but not least, the well-known local business travel supplies.


  • Choice of many well-known foreign customers

HELIOS assists enterprises to realise the digital transformation, helps customers to improve the management value of the financial team, improves the efficiency of the entire operation process, from Application – Consumption – Reimbursement – Accounting, and provides more effective and visible cost data for the enterprise. By all means, it has helped the companies reduce their operating costs effectively.


HELIOS has successfully provided a business travel and expense management platform services to more than 50 foreign companies in various industries since its establishment. The companies including PPF, Continental, SGS, Osram, EF, METTLER TOLEDO, DIOR, MARY KAY, etc. There are also customers throughout the Manufacturing fields, retails, finance, business services, education, energy and chemical industries.

  • Agile Development & Quick Response to Policies

HELIOS has been very responsive to the policies introduces by the country, and able to provide and deliver the effective solutions at the first timing to all the issues encountered.

On April 1, 2019, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation,   and General Administration of Customs issued the “Announcement on Deepening the Related Policies on VAT Reform”, which included domestic passenger transport services as deduction. HELIOS immediately conducts an in-depth research on policies and development and iteration of product functions. HELIOS users use HELIOS to perform OCR Smart Ticket Identification (multi-ticket identification and verification) or third-party import fees. The system will automatically identify the ticket information, such as air tickets, train tickets and car tickets to generate further fee details. Meanwhile, the system will automatically determine and calculate the input tax deductible according to the policy, automatically correspond to the type of expense, and organize the data, associate it with the corresponding input tax deductible account.

Well, bidding farewell to Manual Data Entry!

  • Ernst & Young (EY) SOC is the ‘compass’ of the company for choosing SaaS Platforms

Security compliance has always been an important proposition in the construction of Information Technology. One of the important basis of foreign companies for choosing Cloud service providers is because of having an objective, independent and qualified third-party security certification.

Helios was audited by EY and obtained SOC1 TYPE2 certification report. SOC report (System and Organization Controls Reports) is an assurance report that evaluates the effectiveness of internal control that relates to the service system.

As of now, HELIOS is the first and only company in the domestic reimbursement SaaS field that has passed the audit. The audit involves nearly a hundred core control points. The audit is to verify each one by one and only when all control points meet the requirements, then can the audit be passed.

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