Our clients that have chosen HELIOS – DIOR, GRANDFOS DENMARK, LANXESS. Have you?

With the optimization of the economy in China, many foreign-funded companies enjoy the opportunities given by the growth of China’s and continue to be attracted to the Mainland. According to the News, up to July 2019, China has increased nearly 2.4 million of foreign-funded enterprises.

How do foreign companies operate in compliance with domestic regulations, meanwhile achieving an efficient, transparent and reliable cost management?

Perhaps, Helios is able to give you a satisfying answer.

Pusi (Shanghai) Perfume an Cosmetics Co. Ltd (formerly known as Christine Dior (Shanghai) Perfume and Cosmetics Co. Ltd) is a company who focused on pharmaceutical / bioengineering field. It mainly produces perfume, cosmetics, skincare, haircare products, which includes chemical raw materials, accessories, packaging materials or any other wholesale or retail services that are related to the products stated earlier. There are more than 300 employees.

In China, some of the branded items of LVHM, the world’s largest luxury goods company, are produced by Christine Dior (Shanghai) Perfume and Cosmetics Co. Ltd. It specialises in the production of high-end perfumes and cosmetics, where the trade method is mostly customizable, with an annual output of about 3.5 million.


GRUNDFOS DENMARK is a global supplier of pumps, founded in 1945 and headquartered at Ambo, Denmark. The company employs more than 19,000 employees worldwide, has more than 80 branches in 56 countries. Grundfos’ pumps solutions are widely used in construction, municipal water and other industries.

Grundfos has a breaking sales record in 2018, its achievement has risen the market share values and its profitability is growing solid.

In 2018, Grundfos’ business net turnover has reached DKK 26.7 billion. It’s an increase of DKK 1.1 billion to the business, which is the highest record in the history.

Grundfos’ Sales have increased significantly in the key global markets, which includes China, the United States and Wester Europe. In addition, the global service businesses have a significant contribution.


LANXESS is a global leading supplier of specialty chemicals with a total sales amount of 7.2 billion Euros in 2018, it has approximately 15,400 employees worldwide and more than 60 production sites in 33 countries. LANXESS’ core business includes the development, production and sales of chemical products, chemical additives and plastics. LANXESS has been included in the leading Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI Global and Europe) and the FTSE Social Responsibility Index (FTSE4Good).

On January 31, 2005, LANXESS’ shares were listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the first time, and LANXESS Chemical (China) Co. Ltd has officially operated since then. Today, LANXESS has an approximate employment of 1500, 15 subsidiaries, 7 Research & Development (R&D) centres and 8 production sites in Mainland China solely.

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