Biggest Recognition in Helios – from Partners to Customers

Our Biggest Recognition in HELIOS

In just a glimpse of an eye, Helios, DiDi and Ctrip China have been working closely with each other for 3 years today. Both of these parties have been watching Helios’ growth and took the lead in their respective industries by winning its reputation with sincerity and hard work by words of mouth.

Speaking of Helios, DiDi and Ctrip China, 3 parties have been working on innovations in ideology and technology, competitive strategy delivery and so forth, which are able to enhance the reimbursement and expenses control of Enterprises into a new era nationally. Helios is the first reimbursement Saas Application which had DiDi and Ctrip accessed to it, both companies obtained the Big Data from each Department, which improves the compliance of travel expenses and taxi claims by 65%, this has resolved the troubles in reimbursement and brings a higher satisfaction on the agreement with Ctrip, where the corporate travel expenses has saved up to 10%.

Let’s recall the days where Helios, DiDi and Ctrip worked together

01 – Helios in DiDi

HAND China had once tried an analysis by using Helios Application, analysing the employee’s reimbursement list and found out that, taxi fares, air tickets and hotel accommodations were the major expenses on the list.

The collection of receipts is a painful part to Finance, as there might be lost receipts, blurry printings and wording stripping off the receipts. These will unwittingly increase the operational costs under the Finance Department.

The Vice President, who is also the current CEO of Helios, Nick Zhang, participated in a Networking Conference in Beijing, coincidently met the Vice President of DiDi and had a conversation regarding the reimbursement in HAND. There goes a suggestion to Nick, “Nick, why not we agree on a traveling partnership with DiDi, where all HAND employees access their traveling data through DiDi and compile the reimbursement fees under the same invoice by the end of the date?”

It strikes Nick’s mind and decided to take up this partnership agreement, it resolves the problem of lost receipts, forgotten or mistaken receipts and other issues.

In 6 months, HAND is obtain an overview report by using Helios, Helios is able to show the number of times that employees engaged DiDi, the mileage allowance, the distance, the back end operation is able to analyse if the expenses are reasonable.

After this incident, DiDi and Helios decided to work on a business strategy with some other SaaS Reimbursement Application, where they are able to enhance the overall reimbursement control system of community and other organizations.

DiDi was at 7000 employees 3 years back, and it was known as the Internet Giant, and having a high requirement with its internal reimbursement report, such as reimbursement system must be accessible anytime once it is put into use, employee experience must be good, the reimbursement experience must be significantly improved in terms of process before going online. Not only basic construction and application, improvement in management is required, plus the data on Cloud must be safe and secured.

While facing these requirements in DiDi, we came to understand that it’s not what tools that we are able to provide, it’s the solution for problem that the company is facing. Be it on perfect product modules, excellent business travel service integration capabilities, high quality of system integration and service delivery, Helios enjoys absolute recognition in the reimbursement field. Helios has attracted 50 large scale companies from various industries to put into use in less than a year. From that onwards, DiDi has firmly upgraded Helios from a partner role and share the experience of eliminating the reimbursement.


Finally, Helios has completed the online reimbursement service for the internal staff of DiDi within a month, together with the credit in advance according to reimbursement standard rate. After the travel request is approved, a certain amount of reimbursement will be paid at the month end.

With such dual relationship as Partners and Customers, both parties has reached a stage where they could share the ideas of optimization and enhancement on their own products and do the internal discussion regularly. The Marketing Department of both companies often hold joint conference or activities, to allow their clients to visit the other party to discuss the ideas or issues such as, the reformation of cost reimbursement management, the value of obtaining a financial management personnel and so forth.

Looking at the overwhelming response from the participants for Helios Class, we aim for building greater corporate elite network, establish information exchange platforms, resource sharing and business communication platforms.

02 – Helios in Ctrip

3 years ago, HAND staff’s reimbursement system was decentralised, where the annual traveling ticket exceeded more than 100,000 pieces and the employees were not sensitive to the ticket price, which caused a high traveling cost for the company.  HAND wishes to obtain a more cost-effective expenses on air ticket and hotel accommodation, which also able to optimise employee’s expectation while spending.

Overseeing the pain point of business travel reimbursement, Helios reached a consensus with Ctrip Business Travel and launched a comprehensive cooperation. Registered users are able to access Ctrip through Helios Application System, it’s an integrated 1-stop system for all traveling options, like airline tickets, hotels, train tickets and cars.


In addition, it realises the whole control services process, such as travel application, reservations, approval, reimbursement, finance processing, data analysing and so on, between the 2 parties. Looking at the booking experience with Ctrip through Helios system, we are able to assist more companies improve team efficiency by obtaining a high-quality travel management and control experience and saving operating costs.

And today, HAND has reduced its 100,000 pieces of traveling tickets to not more than 12 large invoices each year, Helios has offered a Smart Booking Service experience and meanwhile the booking cost is reduced by 10%.


The price of the airline ticket changes in real time, Helios is also designed for our staff to buy the airline ticket at a reasonable price while there’s spontaneous business trips occurred.

One of main objectives of having Helios is to monitor and manage the corporate expenses well. Helios has been helping the passengers accessing the lowest price of air ticket at the best time they could afford, this has also helped to monitor the fares of specific flights in real time by notifying them through Helios notification.


Helios’s forecast and notification has provided those business travellers a good airline booking experience.

Meanwhile, in order to gain better customer experience, Helios was built under WeChat Application to notify them the ticket forecast. When a business user creates a travel application and the flight is selected in advance, Helios will automatically send out the notification when it’s at the best time to purchase.

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