Why do Enterprises Need a Business Expense Claims App?

As an enterprise grows, keeping up with expenses, complying with reporting and tax requirements, and reimbursing employees for the money they spend while on business-related travel can quickly become a huge hassle. Thankfully, there is a technological solution to this problem that makes tracking enterprise expenses easier than ever before – a business expense claims app.

The Struggles of Managing Employee Expenses

These days, employees are traveling and working remotely with increasing frequency. While this offers a number of advantages to the companies that they are working for, it also comes with a number of struggles as well. When your employees are out on business-related travel, keeping up with the money they spend, cataloging their expenses in a way that is both efficient and compliant, and correctly reimbursing them in a timely manner is often a complicated juggling act full of disorganization that leaves room for costly errors.

These problems are only exasperated when you introduce other complicating factors such as keeping up with an employee’s mileage and employees who are inconsistent in how they report their expenses. All told, managing employee expenses can be a real hassle. Thanks to the conveniences of modern technology, though, it doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore.

The Advantages of a Business Expense Claims App

Business expense claims apps offer a number of key benefits to enterprises that are looking to streamline their management of employee expenses and make the entire process more accurate and efficient. Some of the advantages of using a business expense claims app include:

  • Shorter Approval Time – Business expense tracker apps greatly shorten the time it takes you to receive an employee’s expense report, verify it, and reimburse them for their costs, enabling you to keep your employees happier by reimbursing them as quickly as possible.
  • Better Compliance –  Expense tracker apps are designed to lead to much more accurate, thorough, and organized reporting of employee expenses, which in turn leads to better compliance.
  • Lower Costs – By automating the process of tracking expenses, an expense tracker app is able to reduce the overall costs of every expense report transaction.
  • More Efficient – Expense tracker apps work to drastically streamline the process of sending and receiving expense reports, meaning that you and your employees will be able to spend less time on what can otherwise be a time-consuming process.
  • Save Money on Expenses – When you use the Helios expense tracker app, you get an additional advantage that is not common to most expense tracker apps on the market – saving money on employee expenses. By partnering with companies in a wide range of industries, we are able to offer discounts to our users that can reduce the money your enterprise spends on employee expenses.

Combined, these five advantages make business expense claims apps a powerful tool for helping your enterprise better keep track of employee expenses and cut costs in the process.

Why Choose Helios?

Helios is designed to be the most effective and cutting-edge expense claims app on the market today, offering all of the benefits associated with a quality expense claims app as well as a number of benefits that are entirely unique to the Helios platform.

Helios is able to easily integrate with all legacy systems and back-end ERPs, negating the need for a complicated overhaul of your existing system when you begin using the Helios app. Once your app is up and running, you’ll be amazed how much easier it is to send and receive expense reports, organize employee expenses, and reimburse your employees – all from within the app.

With Helios, you also get useful benefits such as the ability to automatically estimate mileage, book travel tickets for your employees within the app, organize and analyze data concerning your employee expenses, and receive discounts when your employees purchase goods or services from one of our many partners.

Our Case Studies

Helios already has a long history of success helping enterprises find a better solution to employee expense tracking. We were there for the booming growth of the ride-sharing industry, helping ridesharing companies shorten their reimbursement cycle and build up their reimbursement credit management. Helios is also used heavily by enterprises in the furnishing industry, helping them put an end to their outdated paper-based expense tracking and reimbursement system. Hand Enterprise Solutions is another enterprise that has benefited heavily from Helios by using the app to enable their accountants to save time and focus on other important tasks.

Try Helios Today

If you would like to see for yourself the many benefits of using the Helios expense claims app, we invite you to contact us today or visit this link to learn more about all that Helios has to offer!

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